Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Android: Binary solo

All right, so I got an Android and have been messing with it a bunch. One of the things I did is get tcpdump installed on it. 4.0 seems to be running fine. For the impatient ones, here's a binary that you can just throw on the phone.

This guy was quite nice to put up ARM cross compilation steps for tcpdump/libpcap. You need a cross-compiler for this setup. I used the openmoko toolchain, since it's easy to setup. You can also use the Android source to do this (I think), but I already had openmoko setup.

I had to edit the tcpdump source to disable IPv6 stuff in one function, where it's not ifdefed out. Here's the diff.

NB: make sure to edit the Makefile for tcpdump and remove the -O2 flag and add the -static flag to the linker (LD_FLAGS += -static). Happy tcpdumping :) Update:

Apparently, Michigan removed my home directory, as I am no longer at the university. However, looks like the Symantec folks wrote up a pretty detailed blog spot about this last year, so you could follow their instructions. I recall the only important part being to be sure to statically link the binary. Good luck!


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  3. Hi I was set up toolchain and I was build to binary but I don't run in android . Please show me detail "How build source C and it can run in android "

  4. Hmmm, Thanx a lot..
    I was just curious to know how to analyse the network traffic in WireShark..

    What are the column fields and various data represented in this ??

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